dimanche, octobre 01, 2006

Back Home Again

Hi All, I am not posting here any longer. I am at www.bugstravels.blogspot.com



dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

The Pool

I have suddenly found myself at the deep end of the dating pool. Yes, I ventured out again...that means more leg shaving, hair drying, makeup and gearing up for "so tell me a little more about yourself..." UGH. It has been one week of this and I am already tired....from treading water in the deep end. Actually, I am only whining...I have met some great men and made some new friends too...

On another note, I have been getting emails from my ex - like three ex's ago. I mean what part of "It is over" did he not get two years ago....we have maintained a friendship of sorts, you know saying hi on email every once in a while, an occassional lunch. But why all of a sudden does he think just because I am single I am suddenly going to look at him again....long story...

Anyway, I feel like ramping up again for the writing thing. I think I am going to post on my old Blog again....the travel one. For anyone who might be interested.


Have a great week everyone!