dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

The Pool

I have suddenly found myself at the deep end of the dating pool. Yes, I ventured out again...that means more leg shaving, hair drying, makeup and gearing up for "so tell me a little more about yourself..." UGH. It has been one week of this and I am already tired....from treading water in the deep end. Actually, I am only whining...I have met some great men and made some new friends too...

On another note, I have been getting emails from my ex - like three ex's ago. I mean what part of "It is over" did he not get two years ago....we have maintained a friendship of sorts, you know saying hi on email every once in a while, an occassional lunch. But why all of a sudden does he think just because I am single I am suddenly going to look at him again....long story...

Anyway, I feel like ramping up again for the writing thing. I think I am going to post on my old Blog again....the travel one. For anyone who might be interested.


Have a great week everyone!



Blogger lecram sinun said...

Great that you'll be writing again. :)

septembre 10, 2006  
Blogger Rebecca said...

hahaha, you know why he keeps coming back? Because it's hard to let the "good ones" get away. You, were one of his "good ones", obviously. ;)

septembre 11, 2006  

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